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Coming Together to Help Others

About Our Humanitarian Outreach Project

There's nothing more inspiring than seeing young people come together for the greater good. The World Friendship Flag Project began as an assignment for a group of teenage volunteers. But today it is so much more. After seeing the hard work, his former students put into this project, John Turner dedicated himself to furthering our mission of providing support to those who need it most.

Meet Our Founder

While teaching at Chattooga High School in the small town of Summerville, John Turner discovered his desire to make the world a better place. As head of the Rotary Interact Club, John was tasked with helping his students develop both a community-oriented and global project. Since the 1996 Olympics were rapidly approaching, they decided on a project that would unite folks in the spirit of friendship and help hungry children across the globe. With a little help from Interact Clubs around the world, The World Friendship Flag was born.

As they worked on the project, John was moved by his students' eagerness to help others. Together, they sent 7,000 flags to junior high and high school students around the world. They even reached out to corporations seeking donations for CARE, a humanitarian aid organization.

Community Support

The Summerville community was an integral part of creating The World Friendship Flag. While John and his students raised funds and awareness, members of the community provided unwavering support. They were proud to see local kids so enthusiastic about helping those in need.

John's Writing

Today, John continues to work toward ending world hunger and spreading the message of global friendship. After 30 years of teaching, he published his first book, God's Junkman, about Howard Finster and the Paradise Garden Foundation, an organization that honors the work and legacy of the local artist.